Clever use of mirrors can create the illusion of space. Mirrors reflect the room, creating extra light. Modern mirrors are created with multiple coats that avoid the chipping and edge degradation you sometimes see with older mirrors. Corrosion and poor quality finishes are avoided.

In New Zealand, a vinyl back safety mirror meets safety standards NZS 4223 and AS/NZ 2208. This can be created and cut to the size you want, from a wall mirror to wardrobe mirror.

• Wardrobe doors can be up to 3m2
• Wall mirrors of almost any shape and size
• Dance studio mirrors
• Gym mirrors
• One way mirrors
• Retail dressing rooms
• Bathrooms
• Table tops
• Serving platters for catering companies
• Gardens

Our custom mirrors can be made to be almost any shape and any size. A range of edge treatments including bevelling or polishing the edges are available to create the look you want.

Contact us to find out if we can create the look you want. We make the impossible, possible.