Limited only by your imagination. Permanent, robust and beautiful glass printing.

Ceramic digitally printed glass opens up whole new worlds for images, textures, patterns or art.

What is Thermaprint?

High-precision ceramic digital glass printers use permanent and vibrant ceramic inks to create glass art that has to be seen to be believed. Our digital age machinery will apply ceramic inks and then fuse them into the glass surface using very high temperatures. This results in a high resolution print that is robust and beautiful, and doubles as Grade A toughened safety glass.

The high tech printer creates a complex but high resolution image with fine, sharp elements. Layers can be added creating a double vision effect.

Why use Thermaprint?


If you want to block light, diffuse light, or scatter light in a certain way, then Thermaprint allows you to manipulate the glass in a way that achieves your goals.


Explore and push the boundaries of design. Transform glass from the functional to an artistic expression. Create architecture that truly displays your unique vision. You can replicate textures, timber, marble and stone with the strength, durability and economy of glass.

Low maintenance

Surfaces can be cleaned like standard window glass.

Reduce bird strike

Adding a colour or texture to the glass makes it far more visible for birds, reducing bird strike.

Ways that Thermaprint can be used


Because the printing is so hard wearing, it’s ideal for external uses. Balustrades can incorporate a pop of colour that is resistant to fade and wearing by the weather. The same can apply to solar control panels often seen on commercial buildings. Transform your office or home with external glass that allows for privacy without dimming the natural light.


Glass splashbacks are an amazing option for an easy-to-clean, low maintenance kitchen. There are a huge variety of ways you can make your glass splashback vibrant and add personality. Thermaprint means you can do any colour, any texture and any pattern. It’s beautiful, hard wearing and adds extra designer style.

Shower doors

Add colour, personality and texture to your shower door. We can add ceramic printing to toughened shower glass which can change the entire look of the room. Whether it’s providing a modesty screen in a shared space such as a gym or swimming pool changing rooms or adding a burst of design to a hotel or individual bathroom; this is something different to set your bathroom apart.

Office dividers

With texture and visual effects, you can create permanent spaces that get rid of the need for traditional timber, marble or brick. Lightweight and highly versatile, glass panels can easily be joined together to create large, seamless spaces.


A table or bench needs to be incredibly hard-wearing. It takes the knocks of life, with food, drinks, crockery and knives all wearing away the finish. Ceramic printing is tough and has extreme durability. Make your furniture one-of-a-kind with Thermaprint.

Wall covers

Art can be transitory. Thermaprint offers you a chance to create a wall that is art; what you want your home to be, your restaurant brand to convey, or your office to inspire.