Utilising extrusions from our business partner APL, we’re rebuilding Christchurch with glass.

Glass can be used in a huge variety of commercial settings. From traditional shop fronts and internal fit-outs that are functional and modern, through to external facades that are smart and stunning. Buildings are no longer encased in tinted glass to look like a glass box, but instead they utilise the latest techniques and materials to create clever and beautiful buildings.

How is glass used in commercial and office fitouts?


Offices have moved away from dark cubbyholes to bright, light open spaces. Internal glass partitions allow light, but provide noise barriers. While open offices are popular, they offer little privacy and can result in loud environments. Glass partitions help to manage that. Small offices are given a sense of space and openness. Tired, old offices are given a youthful, contemporary overhaul.


Shop fitouts increasingly rely on glass. While toughened glass shopfronts provide noise insulation and extra security, there are other benefits of glass use. It’s easy to maintain, durable and extremely versatile. With a huge range of ceramic Thermaprint options and wall art, shops can be transformed within hours, and easily given a refresher as brands and fashions change.


Exterior uses. Particularly in our cities, you will find a lot of glass used externally around commercial buildings. This is because the uses are amazingly broad, and the glass can be used in previously unimaginable ways. Ceramic printed glass offers privacy, sun control, shade and colour without blocking the light. Glazing tints and coatings are far more energy efficient than previously, keeping the inside of the buildings temperate.

The laminated glass is amazingly strong and resists damage from bad weather and people with malicious intentions.

Amazing architecture

As glass pushes and transforms the boundaries of what is possible, architects are embracing the potential. Using a combination of environmentally responsive design and high tech glass, the options are endless. The amazing ceramic printed glass, the colours and tint from laminated glass and the textures and way that glass can influence light make it the perfect choice for modern designs.

Green building design

Glass helps to comply with green commercial buildings in a variety of ways.

• Insulation – keeping the cool in on hot days and the warmth in on cool days
• Sun control – using ceramic printing and lamination to block the heat and glare of the sun while still allowing light
• Controlling noise pollution – by blocking sound and keeping street noise out of the shop / office
• Glass is 100% recyclable, making it an eco-friendly building material

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At Thermaseal, we enjoy technically challenging glass applications, and take on the jobs that others can’t do.

As a result, our skilled team can come up with solutions to complex problems and implement them using our top-of-the-line machinery.