Using glass as functional item is nothing new. Glass balustrades and barriers are used by architects and interior designers alike for the seamless blending of function and form.

The benefits of using glass both internally and externally are varied, and the huge numbers of way the glass can be treated means that there are hundreds of possible outcomes.

Let the light shine in

Using glass instead of a solid brick, iron or traditional timber barrier allows light to flood in an area that it normally would not. By removing opaque barriers, you are letting the light shine in, and bringing beautiful views indoors too.

Open up the space

Using glass as a barrier opens up the area instead of closing it down. Being able to see through the glass removes all barriers between you and the outside world.

Safety with unimpeded views

Especially around swimming pools, using glass instead of a solid fence allows you to see what’s in the pool easily. Whether it’s the kids or the dog, you can see at glance exactly what’s happening without having to be poolside.

Modern style

Glass has a contemporary look that makes it ideal for modern homes. It’s also an easy way to update the look of your home during renovations.

Perfectly complements surroundings

Glass looks amazing paired with the rustic texture of timber or brick, and is equally at home with steel or a light commercial look. It highlights a beautiful paint job and gives added depth to the wall colour.

Whatever the glass is paired with, its unique properties as a building material means that it looks incredible.

Strong and easy to maintain

Glass, especially safety glass, is incredibly strong. Modern toughening treatments mean that glass can have the strength of steel in many applications whilst maintaining a considerable degree of flexibility.

This makes it ideal for fences around swimming pools and stairwell balustrades.

Easy ways to incorporate glass in your home design

While there are many ways that glass has traditionally been used in the home or office, there are other applications you may not have thought of.
• Glass balustrades
• Internal partitioning for room separation without solid walls; using glass for a meeting room partition wall allows the light to flood through while still providing a functional space
• Stairs. The use of glass for balustrades and stairs gives the impression of a floating stairwell
• Flooring, particularly between floors in a home where the downstairs doesn’t receive much light
• Glass fencing on balconies and around swimming pools

Why use Thermaseal for your glass balustrades and barriers?

Here at Thermaseal, we create the glass ourselves. From the beginning to fitting the glass, every step is carefully managed by the team to ensure the optimal result. Using their state-of-the-art machinery and analytical approach, Thermaseal creates innovative solutions for even the trickiest of problems.

Their team like to be able to take a technically challenging problem and find a resolution.

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