Modern, easy to clean, versatile and an instant contemporary look.

There is a huge range of styles of glass you can use as splashbacks. They all offer an easy-to-clean surface with a variety of options for finishing. There is so much more to glass splashbacks and wall linings than solid colour finishes.

Printed glass splashbacks and wall art

We use toughened glass to create this art for your home. Unlike any other artwork, this is highly functional as well as beautiful. You simply choose a high-resolution image from our collection or a stock photography site, and it becomes part of the glass.

Coloured glass splashbacks

Choose from our range of modern colours and add a pop of personality to your kitchen and home. The colour won’t fade or chip, so it stays looking immaculate for longer.

Printed tile splashback

Get the sleek look of tiles without the extra work of cleaning grout. If you love the timeless, elegant look of tiles but hate the extra work required to keep the grout clean, then a printed tile splashback is your answer.

Special finishes

Aside from colours and textures, we can add special finishes. A chrome look, a satin finish, sparkles and glitter or a metallic look are all possible. This not only gives your home a burst of personalisation, but adds a definite sense of style. Even reflective glass splashbacks are available.

What are the benefits of glass splashbacks?

Easy to keep clean

The biggest benefit of a glass splashback is that it is super easy to clean. Even if it gets particularly greasy, warm soapy water removes every trace of dirt, and then a quick spray with white vinegar gives it a streak free shine.

Unlike other wall surfaces which can stain or be difficult to keep clean, glass is one solid surface with no joins and is completely non-permeable.

Adds light

Because glass reflects light, even when it’s a dark colour, a glass splashback or wall covering adds light to a room. This not only brightens a room, but also makes spaces appear larger.

Easy to change

If you keep the majority of your home neutral, it is easy to end up having a space that seems devoid of personality. A colourful glass splashback not only injects a burst of colour and personality, but it’s easy to change.

So when the time comes to sell, or when you feel like the design has dated, it’s easy to order a new one and update the whole look of the kitchen. It’s far easier than replacing floors, cupboards or painting.

Depth of colour

The way that the colour looks in the glass is amazing. Even soft colours have a depth and vibrancy that you are unlikely to find with any other finish.

Contact us today to discuss what you want. As an architect, interior designer or homeowner, the ease of care and wide variety of options available makes glass the perfect splashback for any kitchen.