Sharpen up your bathroom space with clean, minimalist, airy and modern glass

Frameless glass showers open up the bathroom, letting light in and making the space seem bigger. It’s easy to clean and makes the space look contemporary. Whether you choose a hinged door or sliding door, traditional silver or sharp modern black hardware, Thermaseal can find you the perfect solution.

Not just plain glass

Our fully frameless toughened safety glass showers have a range of options beyond the ordinary. Ceramic printing offers gorgeous colours, patterns or images that are hard-wearing and permanent. They can be finished with a powder coating channel and hardware to fit your needs.

What shower options are available?

• Corner showers: a 90o corner results in two glass walls meeting, creating a square or rectangle shower.
• Neo angle shower doors: Diamond-shaped showers that have three glass sides and tiled walls behind.
• Single shower doors: This is when there are three solid walls and one single door.
• Door and panel: A single door and another glass panel is used when the shower opening is quite wide.
• Sliding shower doors: Either as full-length doors or half-height over a bath, they slide on rails.
• Bathroom shower doors: These can slide, or swing, over your bath, either as an upgrade or new install.

High quality finish

Our high quality glass, stainless steel and detailed installation make our showers the ultimate choice for any new or renovated bathroom. Our glass is ultra clear, highly durable and adds beauty to any bathroom.

Our doors exactly overlap, lining up perfectly for clean, symmetrical lines. We can advise on how to best maintain the glass to ensure a water-mark free finish.

We understand shower doors and will install sweeps and ensure a tight, leak free finish so that the shower and the entire bathroom looks great for years to come.

We offer a 10 year warranty on our custom frameless showers so you have peace of mind knowing that your shower will be working perfectly for many years to come.

What is tempered shower glass?

The New Zealand building code requires all shower glass to be toughened safety glass. It’s a safety glass that has been treated so that if it breaks, it shatters into small cubes of glass rather than shards that can easily cut. We temper glass by taking it through a rapid process of extreme heating and cooling, which makes the glass up to five times stronger than normal glass. This creates the brittle quality that ensures people’s safety if the glass does break.

Why use Thermaseal for your glass shower?

We make the product right here in Christchurch. This means a quality finish because we oversee the process the entire way through. Because we make it, there are no delays waiting for stock to ship in, and turnaround can be quick.

With years in the industry, we are the experts at glass shower doors in Canterbury. We take on the tricky jobs that others avoid, and we finish our work to a high quality, every time.

Contact us to talk about what you need to finish your bathroom with glass.